Estancia Las Carreras daily milking our cows is carried out at 5 am and 5 pm. The milk goes directly from our dairy farm, located in the very center of the room, the handicraft factory for further processing.

Cheese Tafi has unique and distinctive properties recognized nationally and internationally. The climate of the valley determines the characteristics of pastures, which allows the production of quality milk and particular composition. The dry weather also involved in the maturation of cheeses produced a distinctive product dried.To this local human factor is also added, all of which enable the manufacture of typical cheese.

Estancia Las Carreras, cheesemaker M implements a rigorous quality control system in its cheeses. Since obtaining milk in the field, to the manufacture of cheese, the whole process is strictly monitored by specialist cheesemakers. This allows us to offer our audience a product of high quality, tasted by numerous contingent of national and international tourists