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We are proud to mention that since 2006 we have international certification GLOBAL GAP Good Agricultural Practice in the production of seed potatoes.

Quality certification by working Estancia Las Carreras aim to meet the needs of its customers, trying to reach them with the best product: that is reliable and meets all the requirements and guarantees of safety and quality required.

We train constantly our staff with courses taught by experts in the areas safety, hygiene and first aid focused on making agricultural work more efficient in their jobs and quality of life.

Also we conducted a management agroqímicos and fertilizers used and responsible management of pesticides containers committed to protecting the environment.

We produce looking to the future we work with the aim of achieving sustainability tending the soil and making efficient use of energy and water.

  • Argentina tourism quality commitment in the area of ​​accommodation and restaurants.
  • Soon we will be applying the Rainforest Alliance standard