First courses

 Las Carreras fingerfood

“Tasting of m cheeses and quesillo (a stringy cheese)”

Regional turnovers

“Cow meat turnovers”

Vasilicata brochettes

“Toasted country bread covered with tomatoes concassett and m cheeses”

Hot Creams

“Corn, vegetables and asparagus creamed soups”

Quesillo (a stringy cheese) in fig leaf

“Gratin of quesillos covered in fig leaves served with olive oil coulis”

Main Courses

Jesuit Loin

“Narrow steak in carper sauce and potatoes leaves in crispy of polenta (corn meal mush)”

Tafí Loin

“Loin medallion in mushrooms sauce and paillet potatoes (cut in very thin strips)”

 Pork loin in three peppers

“Loin of pork in three peppers, chayote squash and glazed carrots”


Doña clarusa chicken

“chicken thigh filled with tomatoes confit (over dried tomato) and m cheese”

M Tortelloni

“Stuffed pastas – apple and m quesillos (stringy cheese) in concassé tomatoes sauce and soy sauce”


Homemade Caramel custard

“Served with homemade milk jam”

Regional in m quesillo (stringy cheese) garnish

“Variety of regional sweets with m quesillo”

Swiss chocolate mousse in mint coulisse

Andean regional food served in our stay. Llama’s meat

First courses

Andean Turnovers

“Llama’s meat turnovers”

Infiernillo Roll

“Llama rolled flank steak stuffed with julienne of carrots, greenish and peppers”

Llama Pickled Meat

“Llama meat tan combined with vegetables”

Main Courses

 Llama meat in two cooking

“Llama rolled shoulder, served with cheeses and peppers in escrasettes potatoes (whiten potatoes flattened and sealed in olive oil”

Creole Llama

“Llama straw in Spanish garnish (miga)”

Don Atilio’s stew

“Llama meta stewed in vegetables and lentil, pallet potatoes(potatoes cut very thin) and crispy of leeks.